The Pastor's Page

Easter is such a special time in the life of the church and the Christian. The apostle Paul said without the resurrection that our faith is worthless and we are still in our sins (1Corn. 15:17). So we are always Easter men and women not just one Sunday each spring. The resurrection shows us Christ's victory over the grave and it shows us how God keeps His word. The resurrection should give us an Eater fire that propels us to gospel missions. My hope is that you have done more than just gaze with wonder at the empty tomb. My hope is that you have experienced the living Christ and he has revealed himself to you much like he did the Emmaus disciples whose hearts were set ablaze by Christ. When our hearts are on fire we will go and testify about the things we have seen and heard just as the early disciples did. 

One Year Ago

One year ago we were resigned to online church as the pandemic threw all of our lives into a tail spin. We had canceled church at this point for a month. Our last Sunday in the sanctuary was March 13 2020. We were back in our sanctuary this past Sunday for the first time since last year. It was great to be able to worship outside and also in our C.E.C. building and we are thankful that we have alternatives when needed. This past week was Easter Sunday and we and planned to worship together outside but the cold weather made us decide to move into our sanctuary a week earlier than originally planned. It was so good to see most of our church family together for the first time in over a year and my heart welled up with joy as we worshipped together. Make plans to have your family in church this Sunday and every Sunday. God bless you and your family!