The Pastor's Page

Sometimes it seems very few things in life go our way and especially after dealing with a once in a hundred year pandemic. But on a personal level we will all face days and weeks and months where it seems circumstances are just against us in every area of our life. At these times we must think of Christ. Few things went his way it seems. The Pharisees and religious elite of the day were always after him. His own people and family didn't believe in Him. One of who was supposed to be His closest circle of friends betrayed him and ultimately the truth of his message became so despised he was brutally beaten and treated like a common criminal sent to die hanging from a tree. But the cross was not the final outcome for Christ and your situation that you are in now is also not the final outcome if you are in Christ. The empty tomb shows us what seemed to be the worst of circumstances was actually Christ being obedient to God's plan to redeem and save us. No matter where you find yourself look to Christ and follow His example. Trust the Father's plan as He did and believe God's promises that he has reveled to us in His Word. Romans 8:28 says "We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God and who are called according to his purpose". This does not mean that all "good" will happen in our life but that God can turn it to good. This is a wonderful promise but only when coupled with faith. Seen through the eyes of faith this verse bursts forth with life for the believer. Why? Because we see the unseen (Heb.11:1). And this faith in God sees our troubles ultimately resulting in good. 

One Year Ago

One year ago we were getting used to outside worship as we adapted to a worldwide pandemic. I preached to start with on a small platform. In order to be better seen I moved to the back of a pickup truck and lead worship and preached from loudspeakers as you worshipped in your cars. We learned that worship can and does take place anywhere. The place is not important. Jesus taught this to the Samaritan woman in John Ch. 4. Who and how we worship is what is important. We are thankful to be back in our buildings with many activities resuming. But let us not think we must have the sanctuary for worship. Yes indeed the pastor is happy to be preaching behind the pulpit in our church now. But I am happy to preach and worship with my church family every Sunday no matter where. Even if I have to preach from an ark :). God bless you and hope to see you at worship Sunday