From Pastor Mitch

         What a privilege and honor it is to be your pastor and I am humbled by the responsibility to lead us into the future. The year is just about half over and 2020 has been a challenge in many ways. As we look ahead, we know things will be different, but we must know the one thing that won't change is the gospel. Our message of Christ's redeeming love is as urgent now as ever before. Pray about stepping out on faith and talking about Jesus to your friend or family member. Maybe a co-oworker is going through a difficult time and is waiting on some good news. We are in exciting times if you think about it. Will we respond to the challenge and the change so God and God alone will receive the glory? In Christ who stengthens us, we can do all things.

God Bless You All & Happy Father's Day

to All the Dads,

Pastor Mitch

Temporary Service Times

Our 10:00 service time is only temporary. When we transition back inside we will return to the 10:30 worship time. Please continue to check our website at for updates and also for our mid-week Bible Study. 

Continue to pray as we navigate these difficult times. God has been blessing our outdoor services and many visitors have attended. Our mission has not changed, only the urgency with which we work.

Please join East Side Baptist Church

Drive-in Worship Service

June 28th at 10:00 am.

Parking & Worship Guidelines

Please make sure to allow ample space between you and the next car to continue practicing social distancing. Follow parking attendant to make sure everyone has enough room to come out of their vehicles and still maintain 6 feet apart. So this is a minimum of 12 feet between each vehicle. We suggest 15 feet all around. Spread out and be safe.

***Social distancing means 6 feet!!***

Remember No hugs or handshakes or close conversations. Let's be content to shake hands and hug later and for now be glad we can worship together.

There will be NO Nursery or Children's Church.

Restrooms are for emergency use only. Please only one person in restroom at a time.


  • A-D - Dewey Gibson
  • E-H - Ronnie Steele
  • J-L- Bill Russ
  • M-P - Jarred Willis
  • R-S - Gary Keeler
  • T-W - Tim Shealy