Congratulations 2020 Graduates!

Billie Jaden Garris - Gilbert High School

Rebekah Jumer - Gilbert High School

Brandon Mangum - SC Virtual Charter School

Mason Williams - Batesburg-Leesville High School

Dear Church Family,                    Sunday May 24, 2020

I want you to remember a few things as we press forward and move toward reopening our church. Change is going to be an ongoing thing for the next several months. Be open and show grace as others may differ from you. We are all God's family and praise Him that we are not all the same.

At the present time and for the safety of our church family, we will continue outside into the month of June. If we have to, we will move the time to 10:00 to beat the heat. This will push everything back. Sunday night, Wednesday Prayer Meeting and Sunday School will also be pushed to later dates. I am prayerfully and purposefully moving slow in this process. Our first priority is the safety of our church and community. 

Our worship will continue in a similar format when we move into the CEC and then Choir Practice and our other activities will start up in the following weeks. Continue to pray for me as I lead our church and make decisions based on what is best for all of us.


In His Love,

Pastor Mitch

Parking & Worship Guidelines

Please make sure to allow ample space between you and the next car to continue practicing social distancing. Follow parking attendant to make sure everyone has enough room to come out of their vehicles and still maintain 6 feet apart. So this is a minimum of 12 feet between each vehicle. We suggest 15 feet all around. Spread out and be safe.

***Social distancing means 6 feet!!***

Remember No hugs or handshakes or close conversations. Let's be content to shake hands and hug later and for now be glad we can worship together

There will be NO Nursery or Children's Church.

Restrooms are for emergency use only. Please only one person in restroom at a time.


  • A-D - Dewey Gibson
  • E-H - Ronnie Steele
  • J-L- Bill Russ
  • M-P - Jarred Willis
  • R-S - Gary Keeler
  • T-W - Tim Shealy