The History of East Side Baptist

East Side Baptist Church was originally known as Middleburg Baptist. It was organized on January 17, 1909 with Reverend Little as pastor. During the first years, the members shared the sanctuary of the little white church across from the old Burlington Mill with the members of the Middleburg Methodist Church. Each church held services on alternating Sundays. 

The first record of an offering given by the membership of Middleburg Baptist was that of three dollars and it was sent to the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. Later the congregation voted to give ten percent of the total offerings to the Cooperative Program., helping to ensure the continued advancement of the Gospel at home and abroad. 

Due to a growing congregation and a need for space and identity, the church voted on July 22, 1945 to make plans to build a new Baptist church on land donated by the owners of Burlington Mills. The original plans called for a building 60 feet by 30 feet with Sunday School rooms on each side of the pulpit. Three rooms were to be added in the balcony over the pulpit, leaving the auditorium to be 45 feet by 35 feet with one aisle down the middle and aisles beside the outside walls. 

By December 9, 1945, the congregation voted unanimously to borrow the necessary $800 and to begin construction. On December 16, 1945, the name was officially changed from Middleburg to East Side Baptist Church. 

The first service held in East Side Baptist Church was conducted by the Rev. J.D. Atkinson, East Side's first pastor. 

East Side continues to meet in the building which was built in 1945-1946.

A Few Facts

November 14, 1948 - The church voted to build pastorium and for Aaron Leaphart to be the contractor. 

March 1959- The church voted to air condition the church and to also build a vestibule in the front of the church and to the sides. It was decided to repaint and sand the floors as well. 

November 10, 1968- The church voted to expand educational facilities and remodel present auditorium. 

November 9, 1969- The church voted to buy a steel building and to carpet the living room and dining room of pastorium.