• We are beginning to collect for Operation Christmas Child. For the next few weeks, we will be collecting the following items: sunglasses, balls that will fit in shoeboxes, small cars or yoyo's.
  • The next Pearls of Grace project will be to organize and restock our East Side Pantry. Please bring non-perishables such as canned food (with pull tops, if available), pasta, dried beans, etc. **Please do not bring homemade items or expired items** There is a container in the vestibule to place your items.   
  • September 24th- Deacons will meet after worship service and Church Council will meet at 7 pm
  • September 30th- Bible Journaling at 10:30 am. See bulletin for location. 
  • October 1st- Lord's Supper
  • October 8th- Ordination Service
  • October 15th- Baptism


Announcements for Sunday Morning Worship need to be sent to the church office by 1:00 PM on Tuesdays. 

Before you read God's word each day, seek His help with these five prayers:

1. God, give me wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

2. God, let any knowledge I gain serve to help me love You and others more and not puff me up.

3. God, help me see something new about You I've never seen before.

4. God, correct any lies I believe about You or anything I misunderstand

5. God, direct my steps according to your word. 

***Don't forget we are always taking donations for the Christian Ministry Center.***